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iNExTstudio is an innovative organisation dedicated to providing consultancy and technical assistance to local development programmes.

iNExTstudio employs a 360° integrated approach to design coherent, strongly operational development policies and strategies.

iNExTstudio promotes development processes that are intrinsically sustainable, since they:

  1. take into consideration and integrate all aspects of a territory (cultural heritage; environment; economical, entrepreneurial and social context)

  2. reconcile economical development, environmental preservation, and empowerment of human and social capital

  3. promote social inclusion through participation

  4. encourage cooperation and dialogue and enhance mutual respect

  5. supply the community with the tools and conditions needed to move towards a development model that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

iNExTstudio believes that knowledge and comparable experience can help generate development.


  1. interprets the facts on the ground with precision and experience

  2. listens to stakeholders and institutions with careful attention and sensitivity, and works together with local institutions to coordinate and optimize available resources

  3. conducts analysis with competence and professionalism

  4. communicates and informs with clarity and accuracy

  5. builds strategies based on collaboration and transparency

  6. makes accurate surveys of ongoing programmes and initiatives for territorial development, in order to avoid overlapping, waste of time and resources

  7. adapts its flexible working methodology to the real situation of the territory

iNExTstudio believes in:

  1. Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability

  2. Respect for local culture, traditions and opinions

  3. Transparency of communication, procedures, strategies, objectives

  4. Professionalism, reliability, impartiality.


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