iNExTstudio provides Local Authorities with technical assistance in the following areas:

Strategies and programmes for territorial development:

  1. Feasibility and Pre-feasibility Studies

  2. Surveys, researches and desk analyses for the identification of territorial potentials and problems

  3. Sustainable Urban and Regional Strategic Plans  (learn more)

  4. Integrated enhancement of natural and cultural heritage

  5. Rural development programmes

Funding for the implementation of development projects:

  1. Identification of opportunities offered by national and international funds and organizations (including EU) for the implementation of development projects

  2. Assistance to the participation in national and international calls for tenders

  3. Technical assistance to project design for the achievement of national and international funds

  4. Identification of financial engineering instruments to manage development projects

Multi-level institutional cooperation and participatory planning:

  1. Coordination among national, regional and local authorities

  2. Coordination between institutions at all levels and territorial stakeholders

  3. Support to public consultations and facilitation of participatory processes

Territorial Marketing Strategies for the systematization, coordination and optimization of  local resources, the promotion of business initiatives and the enhancement of territorial assets

Public-Private Partnerships - PPP:

  1. Preliminary evaluation of PPP opportunities within the Local Authorities plans and programmes

  2. Support to the establishment of public-private partnerships for the implementation of development projects

  3. Assessment of PPP proposals for infrastructure projects

iNExTstudio also carries out training and capacity building activities to disseminate knowledge and information on urban and regional strategic planning, territorial marketing, local development, participatory planning, and sustainability issues.

sustainable strategies and projects

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