iNExTstudio is a consultancy group specialising in regional strategic planning for local authorities.

iNExTstudio provides consultancy and multidisciplinary technical assistance in the establishment and management of sustainable local development programmes based on the integrated enhancement of territorial assets and endogenous resources.

iNExTstudio is made up of professionals with many years’ experience in the implementation of local development processes and in strategic planning. The iNExTstudio professionals can offer their know-how and abilities to public institutions that wish to engage in strategic planning and sustainable development initiatives based on an integrated approach and collaboration with local institutions and stakeholders.

iNExTstudio is a highly flexible organisation which is able to effectively perform the roles of both advisor to local authorities and mediator between stakeholders and the institutions involved.

iNExTstudio is headed by Mr. Andrea Nobili (read profile). Mr. Nobili’s work as a team leader is supported by economy expert Mariaconcetta Tripodi (read profile), technical director Federica Di Pietrantonio (read profile), and communication expert Annamaria Loparco (read profile).

via Fasana 1/b, 00195 Rome (Italy)

tel.  +39 06 37352884  |  mob.  +39 393 9447711  |  fax:  +39 06 97999214

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